Monday, January 20, 2014

Closet Reveal

 Happy Monday!! I hope you guys had a great weekend. Well I did show my little bench transformation last week, but today I'm revealing my closet. I have really purged my closet, I was known for being a clothes horse but that has changed with age. I'm no longer into the latest and greatest fashion trends; I prefer more classic pieces now.  Living in Chicago my closet is always in a constant rotation. I'm super thrilled to reveal it to you all.


 After the purge my clothes hang perfectly and is not overcrowded. I love these black felt hangers. 
 The new shelves provide extra space for my handbags I have stuffed my handbags to retain their shape.

                                                We installed the extra shelves for some much need storage.

                   The black lacquer jewelry box holds most of my earrings, and some bracelets.

This little pelican holds most of my bracelets and watches. Well I had to give him something to do.
                                                  I have displayed some of my favorite photos.

           This black & white tray helps to keep my dresser top clutter free and organized.

 These hooks holds items that I used more frequently, scarves & belts while everything else is stashed away overhead in baskets.

                                    My husband and I trimmed the dresser with nail head in silver. I'll be posting more about that project soon.

                                                       My HomeGoods clearance bench steals the show.

 I like things to be out of sight, these baskets take care of that by storing my waist lets, clutches, hats, and scarves.

        I had some left over nail head  & wallpaper so I decided to use it on this shoe box.

                   I adore the metallic sheen on these baskets, they add the glam effect.

I'm totally in love with my closet. 
That's my closet, finished, done, that's it. Well actually I was thinking about changing the rug.
I'll be posting about some of the projects I did to complete my closet. 

                   I'm partying today over at www.remodelaholic.com come join the party.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Closet Bench Transformation

 We all love to find a good bargain, so when I go shopping I search the sale and discount area first which is usually in the back of the stores. I just love to see a markdown tag it just automatically make me happy. I've also been known to wait around for something to be markdown, it takes patience but I just believe in spending my dollars wisely. Well in the attempt to complete my dressing room/closet I was in search for a cute X bench to provide seating. I knew I wanted something on a smaller scale, but with a touch of glam.  X benches can cost hundreds,and mess up your budget so I was in search for a budget friendly bench and the perfect size. I did find the perfect bench but it need a little redo. Take a look:

                        From: Plain Jane

To: Stunning Susie

Of course I search my house, just to
make sure that I didn't have something already. Well this is what I had in my stash. .
        A recent resale find on half price day, but not the correct style and much too big.

                             Cute resale find by not the look, back in the stash...

  This X bench sits in our foyer and is the perfect put spot to sit and put on our boots.  The size is much too large and the color wont work. It is in the budget to be upholstered for the foyer redesign in the spring.
I did search the internet and fell in love with some awesome benches, but they were OUT of my budget.
 I love this X bench, the nail studs are classy and elegant but the budget said NO WAY.  
                           This bench is stunning, the fabric and chrome...wait the budget said NO.
So while in the famous Tarjay(Target) with the hubbie I ran across this bench. I thought it would be great and provide a pop of color. I made the purchase just to see if it would work in the closet. My daughter named me Return Rita, so I would be true to the name and if it didn't work I could return it.                                          
                                 Bye little fuchsia bench she just did not work at all back to Target.
I tell you the truth I just don't know where I would be without HomeGoods, I could live in that store. I found this little beauty waiting for me to take her home, she was in the markdown section. She was the perfect size, price, and a X bench.

See that red sticker it makes me smile :). She was marked down because she had been abused and broken, the frame was loose and needed to be screwed back in. The budget said YES and at my house she would get all the TLC she needed.
         So I searched my fabric bin and found her a new outfit, of course Black & White. With my trusted staple gun and some fabric and a little Windex for the chrome, I knew she would be gorgeous.

                                      So allow me to introduce my new sitting room/closet X bench.

                              This was a really easy redo and can be accomplished with leftover fabric and a staple gun. It was completed with a small budget and is a true transformation.  She is ready to claim her spot.