Sunday, January 30, 2011

What is the difference between House/ Home

Hey my question for today is......What is the difference between a house and a home? What do you think whats your answer?

I'm New

Hello Blogland,
  I'm new, this is my first post and I have finally joined the world of blogging. I know that some of you grew here but yes I'm new here. OK, I must confess that I have been following some awesome blogger and checking out their DIY projects and following them as they create beautiful spaces. Let me just say that boy was I intimated by those beautiful homes. Wow I thought where do they find the time to do all of those projects, where do they get the money during such difficult financial times as the present to  purchase those high end pieces.? But as I continued to follow my daily bloggers it became apparent to me that they were just ordinary women & men just like me, they just have a passion for making their houses into beautiful homes just like me, they all come from different cities and cultures, however we all have one common goal.
Let me just give a little tidbit about myself, it would only be the proper thing to do right is to introduce myself...remember I'm new here. My name is Loretta, I live in Chicago Illinois, yes the Windy City(they should change that to the COLD City currently it is 31 degrees. I'm a wife of 15 years to my husband Robert(the wizard) I'm blessed in so many ways to be married to him and this guy is awesome with his hands, literally he can fix and repair anything.  I'm a mother and stepmother, sister and friend. We also have another family member Chichi the Diva Dog (however she really has not acknowledged that she is a dog..(that's another story). Oh I forgot I'm also an employee, yes I work a full time JOB.  However my true passion is my home and all thing beautiful. However I love the finer things in life but without the price tag, so that's where my love for thrift stores, resale shops, consignments and flea markets derive from. People always say I have a eye (yes I have two), but they speak of my talents if that's what you want to call it for finding treasures. I do believe that one woman's trash is my treasure.
      Feel welcome to fellow me in my quest of making my house a home, through DIY projects, thrift finds, inspiration from others bloggers, and your feedback.  Stay tune there is so much more to come.