Sunday, April 3, 2011

Curtain Drapes HELP!!!!!!

I'm back, life has been so busy lately. I promised to share about my drapes that me and my sister made. Well let me confess that I truly love anything that is black and white. This duo together just makes me smile it gives a look of elegance and class. Presently my life is all about simplicity and Black & White is the answer, I just throw in a splash of color. OK back to the drapes, well I've been changing out my drapes for lighter more airy drapes or curtains for the spring. OK I need advice on which drapes to use for my livingroom.

I purchased this fabric at Old Time Pottery, they only had 5 yards. I decided to make these curtains
After much help from my sister, BAM the finish product.(Thanks PJ).
OK, what do you all think? My sister say the stripes may be too much. The Wizard said a lighter curtain may be better for the spring. My daughter Destiny is stuck she really don't know she likes both. So I need help.
I went to the Unique Thrift and found some off white sheers and they were 90 inches long. Well the price was right with 66% off, so I got them for $3.20, can't beat that with a stick.
Well remember they only had 5 yards of the black and white fabric, not enough to make drapes for my entire living room. I did search a high end fabric store and found the fabric for $15.99 a yard, no way I only paid $4.99 a yard at Old Time Pottery. Well I did find the fabric online for $6.99 a yard(now that's in my budget). I would have to order a couple of yards to complete my space. Here is plan B.
I was thinking about sewing some black ribbon to the boarder of these sheers. OK, what do you guys think?
Black & White Classic Glam.
Simply Sheer.
OK I need you HELP, I need to finish this room.