Monday, December 23, 2013


Hey guy I cant believe it, Christmas is two days away. I have so many projects going on its crazy and I cant wait to show you all. I'll show a little peek of one of my current projects soon.  I'm finished, done no more shopping for gifts. My list this year was a short one, I'll be wrapping  gifts tomorrow evening and tying things up. I've been visiting Christmas Home Tours around blogosphere, oh what beautiful trees and homes.

Actually I keep things a bit easy and simple when it comes to Christmas decorations, I think I dread the task of taking all the ornaments and decorations down and storing everything away. Wow typing that statement just made me tried. Don't get confused I'm not related to Ebenezer Scrooge at all, I did put up a gorgeous wreath and decorated my foyer.

Truly Christmas is about more than the sparkle of ornaments and tinsel on the tree, gifts and shopping ,hold on now I love to shop and is always seeking a bargain. This season usually allows me time to remember and rejoice! To think about the true reason for the season Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Check out this video it totally moved my heart and helps me to stay focus on the Savior of the World.
                                                                    Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Client Office Makeover

My current project is a office makeover. I'm working with a awesome client to makeover her office space. She is a working mother, wife and a soon to be grandmother. She and her husband made some major renovation work done to their house a couple of years ago. However she desired a space  to call he own. She was sure that she wanted a office. Here is her space. She recently scored this desk on Craiglist.

Here is the design board that I created for her space
                                                                 Stay tuned for the results.

My Living Room

Hello Folks,
I pray that your Thanksgiving was full of friends, family and food. I actually had a nice quite Thanksgiving at home. I did do some Black Friday shopping, just a little. Well in my last post I  shared about my thrift store rug and was indecisive about which room in the house she would live in. Today I wanted to show her off in my living room. I don't think I've showed you all my living room before, probably because I continue to update it. My design style has definitely changed over the years. I'll show how my living room has evolved over time.
                                              This mean green color theme was in 2010

Calming Cream in 2011
Black & White Stripe also in 2012 
Black & White with a pop of orange in 2012
This room makes me feel happy

 This living room has come a long way over time. Actually I'm still changing things around, I don't know if I will ever stop decorating, moving and tweaking things around, honestly I don't want to its my love and passion for creating a pretty room.  I just purchased a cute Cynthia Rowley throw for the sofa. What do you guys think? How has your space revolved over time?
I will be doing some Xmas decorating this week and updating my foyer with some recent thrift finds.
I'll be back soon.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thrift Store Missoni Rug

Hello All,
I have been MIA, on a sabbatical, away, gone. I have not blogged since February. Boy how times flies. Well I'm BACK. I truly did miss you guys and is ecstatic to be back. It's funny how our lives can be derailed and we can be off our course. But God always have a plan for us.

Now don't get twisted or confused, just because I haven't posted does not mean I'm finished with projects and decorating. Honestly in my heart I never want to be complete with updating a room or working on a  DIY project. I thrive to make every room look beautiful it just does something to my spirit, it calms me and make me happy. I'm sure someone can relate to me. Thank you.

Today I want to share a Thrift Store Treasure with y'all which I grab recently. If you all remember I just love love black and white. Black & White has a classic and sophisticated feel to it. Its easy to decorate by adding pops of color for seasonal decorating. Also I have a serious love affair with rugs . When I found a black & white rug at the SA I knew it had to come live at my house. Take a look. After I unwrapped it I saw this tag, I headed straight to the cash register. Pinching myself all the way. No dream!!!

                                                                Missoni (not Target Missoni)

And the price was just right.
Yep that's correct $14.99
And spotless. OMG!!! Heavenly. I think I ran a couple of red lights trying to get home and Google my new rug. This is one site where I found the rug. It is the Missoni Home Tappeti Whitney Rug. It is a handmade rug of wool & polyester, its seamed, soft and Black & White beautiful.  Check it out.


I have the 6"7 x 9"10".  and the cost is (are you sitting down)? OK  $4,195.00.
I'm confused and don't know what room to put it in. I will work that out later.

I do have several projects, thrifty treasures to show off and my daughters new apartment that I'm assisting her with. I'm planning to redesign my blog soon(now that will be a challenge) so stay tuned. It feels good to be back.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Dining Room Chairs

Hey guys I'm back. I have not forgotten about "A Place Called Home". My life have been a bit crazy however working on projects help to keep me sane,  I have been busy in the house. I love blogging and reading blogs so I'm committing to posting again.

Can someone agree with me that decorating your home just never seems to be complete. I  thought that I was finished with my office until I scored a beautiful sunburst mirror from HomeGoods and a pair of  seriously markdown lamps from Marshalls. I'll show you guys the new additions soon.

This post is an update on my dining room chairs. You can read about my SA score herehttp://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8179634726812403835#editor/target=post;postID=3544278595044270835

                               I gave each chair a fresh coat of spray paint in a black gloss.



 I was on the hunt for some fabric after getting the leg repaired. I wanted the fabric for the chair seat to bring a pop of color to the room. After a visit to Loomcraft Fabric Warehouse I found the perfect fabric. I chose Paradise Driftwood fabric by Trina Turk. I immediately fell in love with the fabric it had a bold punch of yellow and the grey matched my wall color perfectly. I had seen this fabric online for $112.00 dollars a yard. Well I liked the Asian inspired motifs of the pattern, with the medallion print it was completely modern and dramatic. But the price for the fabric online was way out of my budget. 

I was totally smitten when the sales clerk quoted me the price at $5.00 dollars per yard.
My next step in this project was to research a great upholstery shop to get that outdated fabric replaced.  
I chose Slipcover Plus Upholstery in Oak Park, IL, to bring my chairs back to life. The shop owner Anthony did an excellent job, and the price was within my budget. I was totally happy with his work.

Before                                                                     After

I love my chairs. I still need to purchase a rug for this room. 
During a Internet search I ran across these  pictures of my chairs.
What projects are you guys working on? Please share.