Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fabric & More Projects

I posted last week about me & the Wizard little trip to Old Time Pottery and the cute fabric that I purchased, check them out here.

My favorite is the stripe black & white.

OK, these beautiful fabrics are large pieces they are already cut and measured so you have to buy it as is. I have shared about my love for anything Black & White, together they produce a classic feel and a look of elegance. I have dreamed of Black & White drapes when I spotted some on Mary McDonald blog. Let me save this story for later.
Since I'm brighten up the house for the spring here are some of my recent projects.
I used the cute Robert Allen Ikat print fabric to create this bench for my washroom. My sister Paula assisted with making these matching window curtains. Ok P.J I mentioned your name.
My daughter purchased these chairs at a thrift store for $25.00 dollars.
The seat cushions were faded light blue velvet with plenty of stains.
Well when Mamma whipped out her white spray paint and her staple gun this is what she created. These twins needed a makeover.
I plan to make some window shades for the kitchen with the grey & black Waverly fabric. All of their fabrics were just $4.99 a yard so I scored big time. Oh I know you guys love pictures so let me share what the Wizard(my husband) purchased for me.

Yep remember that mirror. If not check my previous post. As for my favorite black & white fabric, I'll share about that tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Take A Risk Day

Yes I'm back in business, I posted last week about my laptop that crashed, well it's back from the shop. I really missed my laptop and it has been confirmed that I cannot live without it. I'm just glad I have it back. OK, I have been busy with projects and getting ready for the spring. I know you guys love pictures so I'll jump right into it. Well one of my favorite bloggers The Nester, has declared a Take a Risk Day and lately I have taken several risk around my house. I have experimented with spray paint, fabrics and staple guns, to name a few. I purchased this chair years ago for $20.00 dollars, it was missing one leg.

OK, a leg was missing but it had good bones I knew it had potential. The wood was a nice walnut brown the seat a gorgeous cream color leather trimmed with gold nail heads. I could not beat the price, I knew I would find a room for it. This chair has literally been in every room of my house. Recently I decided to give it a glam makeover.

Boy a little spray paint & sand paper, can give a quick facelift.

All finished
Wait I can't forget about Oscar, do you guys remember him?

Well I gave him a makeover for the spring also, did you all recognize him sitting by the chair?

So I encourage you to take a risk in your home also. Check out the risk takers here.http://www.thenester.com/.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Projects and more Projects, Fabric

Boy have I been busy, working on projects, spring cleaning, and working. Now the real BOOMER is that my laptop computer crashed(I'm using the Wizard laptop) so that's why I've been MIA(missing in action). I should have my computer back tomorrow. Guys really I have been working on so many projects I have been like a little busy bee. I have so much to share. OK, I shared in an earlier post about my new secret shopping spot Old Time Pottery. Well last week they had a huge sale, so the Wizard drove me up to the sale in Rockford on Friday night after I got off work. Would someone please explain to me why do some sales start on Thursday's. Ok let me stay focus, I really wanted to purchase some fabric, they had some beautiful remnants.  I grab a cute Ikat print by Robert Allen and another print by Waverly. I know you guys remember me posting about my sister assisting me in making curtains, I'll post about that later this week. But I did find some fabric for my new drapes. YES I love black & white,  OK, I'll show off my Paula's creation real soon . She threaten me and told me that I had better mention her name and her hard work on the drapes.  
The above fabric will be used to make shades for my kitchen and for cushions for my daughters chairs, I'll show that project soon. I'm experiencing problems with uploading photos on the hubbies computer, so I will be showing some of my projects really soon.  I plan will  post tomorrow.

Now this little guy really needed a spring makeover.   

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Pictures and a Busy Weekend

Well my weekend was a busy one, the Wizard birthday was Sunday, and  I attended a baby shower on Saturday. I still got a little thrift shopping in on Saturday morning.  Last year I started to collect black & white prints of  famous architectural buildings or structures. In the past I have purchased some poster prints on the cheap and framed them to create beautiful art.  I have the Eiffel Tower, New York Time Square, and the Willis Tower to name a few, but I'm always searching for additional prints On Saturday morning I made a quick round to the GW(Goodwill). Look at what was just coming out on the sales floor, looking for me.

 I waited patiently for the young man that was bring the items out to put them on the shelf, after he refused to just hand them to me. There were four architectural prints, I know they were waiting on me, Why because they were already framed in black. They were perfect to add to my collection. Thanks you LORD!!!!
After I gave them the inspection, I really wanted to do the happy dance. They were in very good condition. But check this out!!

OK, just in case you can't see that price tag, they were priced $1.99 and $2.99. OK close your mouth. When I turned them over I just smiled and walked to the register to pay for my new pictures. They were in the buget.
Yep they were orginially purchased from ZGallerie, got to love the GW, and the ZGallerie price was $48.00 dollars each. At least three different shoppers ask me about them. I told them they were SOLD! Here they are in my living room.

Some of my collection of prints. I'll be showing the entire collection soon.
Just a sneak peek of a project that I recently completed. I really like gallery walls, so I decided to create one in my bedroom. This project was really fun, the pictures are of me and my husband over the years, most of the frames were purchased at the thrift store, and the pictures are priceless.

I'm really happy with the results and the Wizard loves it too.              And let me give a Birthday Shout to the Wizard(my hubbie) Happy Birthday Rob!!!!!   

          He's on the telephone, he know he can talk.(Lol). 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I just wanted to share about my little find while shopping on Saturday with my sisters.
 I found a beautiful mirror and of course I had to grab it because the price made it a must have. I had notice the mirror all around blog land L.D at Home of Three Duncan Boys found one at Hobby Lobby   http://home23duncanboys.blogspot.com/2011/02/not-just-arts-and-crafts.html for $60.00 dollars on sale.
Megan from Honey We're Home found two at Hobby Lobby to accent a wall in her home.
The mirror that I snatched up at Old Time Pottery has three rows, and for $24.00 dollars I feel in love with it. OK let me stay focus, well I purchased the mirror to go above my bed. I'll tell you what happen to the mirror that was above my bed in another post.

Well I do love my mirror but decided to spray paint it in a elegant silver to match my mirrored nightstands  in my bedroom.  The Wizard(my Husband) is so helpful he agreed to assist me with the spray painting project so he removed the rear panel and took the glass mirror out so that I could touch this puppy up. I just love spray painting and it gave me the perfect look.  I was so eager to hang my newly painted mirror.
                                                  And look at what happened!!!!!!

Yep The Wizard set the mirror up against the wall and it slid down and BROKE!!!! So for now I'm looking for a new mirror insert. No I didn't kill him I decided to let him live to see his birthday on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have been totally busy for the last week. I have so many projects to complete and some to start. My sister Paula lives out of town and came to stay at my house for a week. When she come to visit she is always a joy and a modern day Martha Stewart. She is a great cook and love home decorating, oh and she came to teach me how to sew. We never got around to that, that's a different post.

While taking my sister back home she encouraged me to stop by a home decorating store in her town name Old Time Pottery.  I had never been to this store, only because there is not one in Chicago. When we walked in the door I knew that I was hooked. Here are some of the things that I liked:
I love anything Black & White.

   Elegant mirror, really cheap $39.00.
I purchased two of these little birdies @ $1.99 each to sing in my home for  the spring.
They have tons of throw pillows for $7.00 each.

They have gorgeous large fabric samples for $4.99 a yard.
I love this fabric.

 They had so many lamps, these are cute for the spring in bright colors for $12.99 each.
I like this lamp,but I would paint the base white.  
I purchased this beautiful mirror for $24.99, they had two left I grab it and didn't take a picture in the store, but I couldn't beat the price with a stick.(my mother's old saying). I'll be posting on my new mirror later this week.

Ok back to Old Time Pottery, this store has some nice home deco items at bargin prices. 
Listen up they will be having a sale this weekend, so if there is a store in your area go and check it out you will not be disappointed.  Go to their site and locations here