Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thrift Store Missoni Rug

Hello All,
I have been MIA, on a sabbatical, away, gone. I have not blogged since February. Boy how times flies. Well I'm BACK. I truly did miss you guys and is ecstatic to be back. It's funny how our lives can be derailed and we can be off our course. But God always have a plan for us.

Now don't get twisted or confused, just because I haven't posted does not mean I'm finished with projects and decorating. Honestly in my heart I never want to be complete with updating a room or working on a  DIY project. I thrive to make every room look beautiful it just does something to my spirit, it calms me and make me happy. I'm sure someone can relate to me. Thank you.

Today I want to share a Thrift Store Treasure with y'all which I grab recently. If you all remember I just love love black and white. Black & White has a classic and sophisticated feel to it. Its easy to decorate by adding pops of color for seasonal decorating. Also I have a serious love affair with rugs . When I found a black & white rug at the SA I knew it had to come live at my house. Take a look. After I unwrapped it I saw this tag, I headed straight to the cash register. Pinching myself all the way. No dream!!!

                                                                Missoni (not Target Missoni)

And the price was just right.
Yep that's correct $14.99
And spotless. OMG!!! Heavenly. I think I ran a couple of red lights trying to get home and Google my new rug. This is one site where I found the rug. It is the Missoni Home Tappeti Whitney Rug. It is a handmade rug of wool & polyester, its seamed, soft and Black & White beautiful.  Check it out.


I have the 6"7 x 9"10".  and the cost is (are you sitting down)? OK  $4,195.00.
I'm confused and don't know what room to put it in. I will work that out later.

I do have several projects, thrifty treasures to show off and my daughters new apartment that I'm assisting her with. I'm planning to redesign my blog soon(now that will be a challenge) so stay tuned. It feels good to be back.