Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Ray Nursery

I shared the great news earlier in a post about my daughter expecting her first baby. The new addition is due any day now. While waiting I have design a board for the nursery. I spent time at my daughters place on Saturday so I was able to take some pictures of the room to show you guys.
Here is the mood board.
I still have to nail some of the elements of the room. I'm indecisive about the mirror and the rug for the space, so that's why the board has two of each. My daughter made her request for the room as well. She did not want a kiddy theme nor did she want a mobile, so the picture of the bedding I downloaded from the internet and the mobile was attached. the sex of the baby is unknown so the bedding set had to be neutral. I'll share more details when I do the reveal of the space next week. My daughter has no idea of how this room will be decorated so the reveal will also be for her.
This is a view of the room from the door.
I have my work cut out for me.

They crib was purchased last month. The space is small and I have some challenges with the layout of the room. I stil have to purchase the drapes, along with a couple of baskets and picture frames. I have to tweak the mood board a little as well. So this weekend I'll be shopping to pick up some items to put the finishing touch on this room. I cant wait to see my sweet grandchild little face. I'll be back to show the reveal, and maybe the baby. I better hurry and finish the nursery before the big arrival.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Such is Life- Surgery, Birthday, A Car, A Little Baby and I'm Back!!!!

I pray that you guys have not given up on me and my journal to make my house a home. Well you all do understand how life sometimes throw you a curve ball. Boy when that curve ball hits all plans are changed, that agenda, and projects to complete list, everything is put on HALT!!!!!!
I have so much to share along with pictures. I have thought about giving up my little part-time blogging gig, but no way I truly like it. I have decided to continue to share with all 13 of my followers.
Well some of you may know that my daughter Destiny is expecting my 1st grandbaby. Yes I said grandbaby, because they have decided not to find out the sex of the baby. Ok let me confess that not knowing the sex of the baby has made it really difficult to buy tons of clothers for the bundle of joy. But I'm sure I will have plenty years of that to come. She has two weeks before her delivery date. Yay!!!! I have been ordered to decorate the nursery. Since given the task I have been gathering things to make the room extra special. I will be sharing pictures really soon.
My doctor informed me a while back that I would possibly need surgery, boy what women don't go thru. Anyway I had surgery in early August and is doing so well. I was off work for six weeks and was able to get some projects completed. Yep I will share along with pictures really soon I promise. GOD is truly a healer and I'm grateful.
Well people I must say that there will always be bumps in the road of life,but GOD is always faithful.
On August 29th, a car ran into my house. What's the odds of that happening in a life time? Oh and that was a day before my birthday. Yep you heard it right a CAR crashed right into the side of my house. Yep my projects to complete list has just grown. Thank GOD no one was hurt.
Picture of the front of the car that entered the side of my house.

Up close view. What happened???
Please get this car out of my house.

Folks, I will be back to share about the nursery, got to get moving on that project. I'm so excited!!!