Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's A New Year. Just Do It!!!!!

Hey guys it's a New Year!!!! We always fake ourselves out with New Years resolutions, however after January we have fallen back into our old routines forgetting about our new commitment. Change is only a decision and can be made at anytime. Some people consider New Years in the spring when everything is new again, to each its own. However, I'm confident that GOD has great things in store for 2014. Blogger had some kind of update to IE and I couldn't post anything  for a week so frustrating. Presently Chicago is under dangerous weather conditions with a winter storm. This is serious hibernation weather people, however I have decided to focus on the opportunity to complete several projects and cross them off my list of things to do.  I have made a decision to post more in 2014. I want to share a sneak peak of some projects that I'm working on.

      My closet redesign. Dresser nail head redo .

My new/old wallpaper. My first wallpaper install.

HomeGoods  clearance bench 

Fabric for the bench makeover

Gallery wall in the redesigned guest room

Bathroom crying for a update

Thrift store chest for the foyer 

Thrift store sunburst mirror. Maybe for the foyer redesign.

I'm actually doing something in each room of my house. I have started my list for each room and will be sharing my list later. 
How do you guys handle multiple projects around your house? Please share. Leave me a comment.

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